EuroShop RetailDesign Award

Award winners 2020

The EuroShop RetailDesign Award ceremony took place in Düsseldorf, during the EuroShop 2020 – The world´s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair.
There were 73 entries from 22 countries, and the winning projects came from Lausanne, Leavesden and Mogán.

Fooby Lausanne Bel-Air

Opened: March 2019
Retail space: 1000 sqm
Retail Design: Brem+Zehnder AG

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Coop Switzerland’s first Fooby store opened in a 1,000-sqm retail space in Lausanne’s former Kursaal-Théâtre, and it is the brick-and-mortar extension of the online platform. Fooby intends this store to be a bridge connecting the digital culinary world with the analogue one as well as a meeting place for Coop’s successful foodie community.

Across three floors, the culinary arts can be experienced via touch, smell and taste. In addition to locally manufactured products, the retail space provides a stage for around 20 regional producers. For example, specialties from Romandy enrich the range of products. The range is also supplemented by non-food items like kitchenware and decor. In addition to the culinary arts and regional products, the concept focuses on sustainability. According to the store’s own figures, 70 percent of its products are produced sustainably.

Renovations and remodelling for the Fooby store began in late 2016. Up until then, the former theatre had been used as a cinema, among other things. The erstwhile theatre atmosphere was brought back to life: frescos in the main theatre were restored, and the stage was transformed to include a curing chamber for cheese and delicatessen items as well as a sales point. The building’s distinctive symmetry corresponds to the austere, reserved materials used inside the store. The materials concept supports the Fooby brand in both form and colour and harmonises with the historical architecture. Black, white and real wood form the foundation and set the stage for the products.


Mogán, Gran Canaria/Spain

Opened: January 2019
Retail space: 2207 sqm

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Spar Gran Canaria is expanding its store network on the Canary Islands. The new Spar Market Puerto Rico in Mogán covers more than 2,000 sqm and focuses on fresh food and products from local farms.

The goal of the new concept was to transfer the ambience of traditional markets to a modern retail store. A variety of islands capture the character of a farmers’ market. The colour palette as well as various design elements, such as dark display units combined with warm materials like wood, create a modern look and highlight individual departments.

At the heart of the supermarket are refrigerated walk-in rooms for beer, wine and cheese. Special exhibits in these spaces present products and offer samples for tasting. Graphically understated, illuminated lettering above the individual rooms announces which products can be found in each of the small rooms.
Suspended ceilings, a green light installation on the beer room’s ceiling as well as illustrations on the walls and glass doors provide an interesting decorative backdrop for the products.


The Making Of Harry Potter

Opened: April 2019
Retail space: 836 sqm
Retail Design: Lumsden Design

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In Leavesden, to the north of London, fans of witchcraft and wizardry can walk in Harry Potter’s footsteps. Platform 9 ¾ and the Hogwarts Express, the Forbidden Forest and Diagon Alley – visitors can take a tour and peek behind the studio curtains to see where many of the fantastic beasts and effects featured in the Harry Potter films were created.

The “Gothic” look typical of the Harry Potter films is reflected in the store design as well. The atmosphere in the Dark Arts, where you can buy a shrunken head or a Horcrux, is sinister, while the sweets shop Honeydukes is bright and colourful; the division of the store into thematic zones allows visitors to orientate themselves intuitively. Special effects, including “real” goblins that count gold coins, make the magic moments unforgettable.

The studio’s new culinary offerings include restaurants that are fully part of the Harry Potter experience, such as the Chocolate Frog Café, where you can buy the frog-shaped chocolates that appear in the film series, and the adjacent Food Hall, in which floating candles are part of an illuminated night sky. Original props from the Harry Potter films bring the entire studio to life. An engraving service for limited edition products and wizard’s robes that can be embroidered with a customer’s name free of charge round out the magical concept.


Award winners 2019

The EuroShop RetailDesign Award ceremony took place in Shanghai again, during the C-star – Shanghai’s Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail. There were 71 entries from 23 countries, and the winning projects came from London, Osnabrück and Shanghai.

The winners are: L&T Sport, Osnabrück/Germany, The Shop at Bluebird, London/England and Zwilling flagship store, Shanghai/China

L&T Sport

Branch: Sports
Opening date: March 2018
Selling space: 5.000 m²
Retail Design: Prof. Moths Architekten

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The fashion company Lengermann + Trieschmann’s new sporting goods store covers 5,000 sqm of retail space on five floors. One of the store’s main attractions is the “Hasewelle”, a wave pool where surfers can test the latest boards right there in the store. Polygonal lines form the basis of the store design. The railings, whose lines are shaped in accordance with this design, are staggered across the floors in such a way that each floor and each position provides a new view of the “Hasewelle” pool. Polygonal elements and geometric lines provide a design framework for the facade as well, creating an aesthetically consistent system.

In order to perfectly integrate the individual sporting goods brands into the design, the store refrains from the usual shop-in-shop brand solutions. Members can train in high-altitude conditions in the 800-sqm “Premium CITY-GYM”. Separated from the store by nothing more than glass walls, the gym is part of the sporting goods store while also serving as an extension of its core business.


The Shop at Bluebird

Branch: Concept Store
Opening date: May 2018
Selling space: 1.394 m²
Retail Design: Dalziel & Pow

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The Shop at Bluebird belongs to British fashion company Jigsaw and specialises in high-end brands from the worlds of fashion, beauty, art and design. The concept store’s diverse offerings are housed in a heritage-protected 19th-century historical coach house on Floral Street in Covent Garden. Striking, opulent decor and design elements combine to create a “cabinet of curiosity”.

An atrium filled with natural light and a cobblestone floor creates an open-air ambience in the middle of the store. A custom-made, cube-shaped installation with 20 reflective surfaces hanging from the ceiling creates an artistic effect by reflecting and distorting its surroundings. The design concept plays with geometric forms and curved lines, combining traditional and modern elements harmoniously. Wallpapers in coordinated colours and textures complement the multifaceted aesthetic, consisting of elegant Art Deco patterns and floral Victorian motifs.


Zwilling flagship store

Branch: Concept Store
Opening date: May 2018
Selling space: 650 m²
Retail Design: MTD-R, Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez

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The new Zwilling store in Shanghai unites retail, cooking classes and a restaurant. The focus is on traditional western and eastern themes combined with a puristic and understated interior. Dynamic changes in colours, materials and music provide contrast to differentiate individual areas of the store. Bathed in light, the ground floor features light oak and dark walnut, a sand-coloured terrazzo floor, and steel and brass frames, which all serve as a backdrop for the products, providing a warm, Mediterranean atmosphere.

Dedicated to various food concepts, the upper floor is characterised by varying floor heights and seating. Tabletops made of blue glass and lighting elements made of brass are reminiscent of Shanghai’s Art Deco heritage. A 36-metre-long wooden table with teal velvet chairs adds a rustic touch to the fine dining area, where visitors are invited to enjoy a meal. The customer encounters the brand’s product world authentically – through a culinary adventure or hands-on cooking school experience.


Award winners 2018

The EuroShop RetailDesign Award ceremony, which is the tenth of its kind, took place on 26 April 2018 in Shanghai at C-star – Shanghai´s International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail. There were 85 entries from 27 countries, and the winning projects came from Spain, Italy and Poland.

The winners are: De Vinos y Viandas, Valladolid/Spain, La Rinascente, Rome/Italy and VÈLO7, Poznan/Poland

De Vinos y Viandas

Branch: Wine
Opening date: July 2017
Selling space: 35 m²
Retail Design: Zooco Studio

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De Vinos y Viandas seems like a big illusion within small place and is an extraordinary example for an unusual 35 sqm wine store. The concept of this space arises from the search for a reference to a world as represented as wine and its sales spaces. The attempt was to abstract the formal wine world in a manner which the space is created as a continuous formal changer only using pure shapes such as the circumference. The juxtaposition of several circumferences in both directions creates a space, which will be seen as vaults, where the required shop areas with their equipment appear organically. These different aspects of the store merge in harmony with the used materials and the mirror reflections atmosphere.

The space changes itself from the point of view of the client when they enter the shop and walk inside. The mirror reflections create a curious blurry image that works hand in hand with the concept. The furniture is also interactive, there is one folding table assembled to the central column which provides a flexible space to its mobility.


La Rinascente

Branch: Department Store
Opening date: October 2017
Selling space: 15.000 m²
Retail Design: architect Vincent van Duysen

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In its 150 years history, la Rinascente has enjoyed moments of great success and has become a point of reference for high quality shopping. In October 2017 Rinascente opened a second flagship store in Rome. After a complex renovation work that lasted 11 years, the new store occupies a completely refurbished building in Via del Tritone adding value to the already rich historical and cultural heritage of the area.

The most extraordinary feature is the archaeological site that can be visited on floor -1. The site brings to light the remains of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct inaugurated by Augustus in 19 BC. Aqua Virgo still works nowadays, after twenty centuries, and feeds almost all of the most impressive fountains of the centre. The store also incorporates a small building dating back to the 1900s called the Palazzetto.
Each of the five floors has been designed by a different architect but all of them are perfectly harmonising with Rome and its history. The entire department store is taking the customer on a journey that captures the senses and mind.



Branch: Bicycles
Opening date: September 2016
Selling space: 100 m²
Retail Design: mode:lina™

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VÈLO7 is a group of bicycle enthusiasts who want to share their passion with others: “We can race, ride and ramble on about them all the time. Bicycles definitely get us going.” Interested in offering best quality bicycles to their customers, they have decided to create a unique place in Poznan that would reflect their common fascination. The cyclists needed a multifunctional space which could easily accommodate the functions of a bike shop, service and repair and a place for bike testing.

Knowing that in VÈLO7 it is all about two-wheelers, the designers tapped into bicycle inspirations. The triangular forms and slant surfaces used throughout the interior refer to the shape of the bicycle frame. Its characteristic geometry was also translated into specially designed bike racks, which resulted in additional space for bike presentation. The ground plan of the entire store provides for the ultimate, albeit slightly concealed, cycling-related element. The store focuses on professional road bikes, also time-trial and triathlon bikes, as well as cross-country and track bikes.


Archive award winners

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