EuroShop RetailDesign Award

Rules of Entry/Conditions


  • Retailers, designers, architects, shopfitting companies or suppliers of the shopfitting industry, as well as the committee of experts, are eligible to enter.
  • Entries are not confined to any specific countries or regions.
  • The award is open to an international field.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • The submitted projects must not be older than 1.5 years at the time of the award.
  • A company can submit a maximum of 4 projects.
  • Every entry must be complete, i.e. consist of the application form and photographic material; upload limit = 5 MB per entry.
  • Requirements for the photographic material → size: At least 24 cm (9 inches) in height and width. Resolution: 300 dpi. Format: jpg or tif
  • Image copyrights: The company submitting the entry holds the image copyrights and grants EHI Retail Institute the right to report on and publish the project (in print and online).
  • EHI assumes that the details and declarations given by the company submitting the entry are correct and it cannot be held liable for any legal action or claims resulting from publication of the projects.
  • The company submitting the entry does not have a right to have its projects published.
  • By submitting its entry, the company confirms that it has taken note of and accepted the Rules of Entry and Legal Information.

Guidelines and Supporting Documents

An entry must be submitted along with a detailed description of the project and its special features, as well as details of the location, area, responsible architect / shopfitting company, suppliers, etc.

As in planning of a store concept, details must not be disregarded. Plese clearly explain the special features of your project to the jury, for example: The basic planning ideas, challenges in accomplishing the project and how they were overcome, what materials or colours were chosen and why, innovative elements, technical innovations, etc.

Photos are the best means to convey as accurate a picture of the store to the jury. You should therefore enclose at least 4, and best of all 5 to 6, photos showing different views of the project along with your entry. (Resolution: 300 dpi; size 23 cm in height and width)

Award Ceremony

Payment conditions

Participants from all countries may pay by credit card. Participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can also pay by bank transfer upon receipt of the invoice.

Cancellation conditions

Registration may be cancelled up to 14 days before the start of the event, but a processing fee of € 50,- will be charged. If attendance is cancelled (and in the case of non-attendance), the full fee will be charged. If a paying replacement participant is found, the registration details will be changed without charge. Payment of the participation fee must be made before the beginning of the event.