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Jerzy Woźniak
Architect (Modelina Architekci), Poznan (Poland)

"Being one of three winners of Euroshop Retail Design Award has been a huge surprise for us. It is the best proof that strong, holistic and coherent ideas allow to create a memorable and interesting retail space, no matter the size of the shop or popularity of the brand. The award itself became an impulse for a short and intense trip to Shanghai to attend the glamorous rooftop gala. Thank you!"  


Ken Nisch
Chairman (JGA), Southfield (USA)

“To be included in such a rarified group of brands, retailers, and innovators was most exciting for the JGA team. We thank EuroShop RetailDesign Awards for this important and coveted award. The ability to work with great partners, The Hershey Company, Canadian Niagara, and the MGM group, was a key element not only of the professional satisfaction, but of the creative energy that is so much part of the Hershey’s Chocolate World Las Vegas experience.”


Dan Butler
Former Vice President National Retail Federation (NRF), Washington D.C. (USA)

"The EuroShop Retail Design Awards are unique in that they cultivate nominations from all seven continents and every year manage to find the best of the best in store design projects from design firms of all kinds. These awards help to promote retail store design beyond the design community and help to promote the importance of design to the entire global retail community. Most importantly the awards recognize excellence in design that is truly worthy of praise."


Ignaz Gorischek
Vice President, Store Development Neiman Marcus Properties Group

"What a lovely evening, this event is the only one where you can meet some of the the top designers on our field today. The electricity in the room has an after effect for days! Truly a memorable experience."


Martin Pérez
Director Store Planning, Servicios Liverpool, S.A. DE C.V.

"Liverpool is thrilled to be part of a contest in which great designers from many parts of the world participate, the Gala was a great opportunity to get inspired by other people's work and to expand our network, and we are really looking forward to Euroshop in 2014 to get more inspiration."

Award-winners 2013

Hieber’s Frische Center, Bad Krozingen
Hieber’s Frische Center, Bad Krozingen
Claudia Horbert (EHI), Karsten Pabst (Member of the Board, Hieber), Dieter Hieber (Managing Director, Hieber), Elke Moebius (Director EuroShop)

The food markets owned by the Hieber family have long been standard setters in German food retailing. The store that opened in Bad Krozingen in October 2011 introduced a new design concept. Its unusual architecture, with matte black paintwork and an exterior wall inclined at a conspicuous 15 degrees, offers striking contrasts in the interior as well. The biggest innovation is the creation of merchandise worlds. Although the individual departments contrast markedly in materials, floor coverings and lighting, they still form a harmonious whole. Minimalist line drawings and black-and-white lettering on the rear walls identify each department, creating a signage system that runs through the entire market. “Buy and learn” is the motto. “Instructional panels” give information on the product ranges and describe special details, while at the same time serving as design elements.

  • Source all pictures: Hieber
Liverpool Interlomas Department Store, Interlomas
Liverpool Interlomas Department Store, Interlomas
Elke Moebius (Director EuroShop), Claudia Horbert (EHI), Claudia Cerchiara (Vice President, Account and Project Manager for Liverpool Interlomas) and Martin Pérez Miranda (Director Storeplanning)

The Liverpool department store in Interlomas, a suburb of Mexico City, successfully combines the functions of a park and shopping center. Besides being a department store, Liverpool creates a public space, allowing it to play a new role as a social meeting place. The round, futuristic-looking building with a silver façade opened in 2011 as the flagship of the Liverpool chain. Its four storeys, with a total of 30,000 square metres of retail space, are connected by an atrium that is flooded with daylight. Changing materials and colours create warmer shades as customers ascend. In this way they discover a whole new world on each floor and encounter impressive visual merchandising. The climax is the parklike rooftop garden covering 3,000 square metres, which includes a gourmet food area.

  • Source: Liverpool
Louis Vuitton Island Maison, Singapore
Louis Vuitton Island Maison, Singapore
Elke Moebius (Director EuroShop), Claudia Horbert (EHI), Star Architect Peter Marino (Marino Architects), Valerie Chapoulaud (President of Louis Vuitton North America)

The Louis Vuitton Island Maison store, which opened in September 2011, occupies one of two glass pavilions on an island at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands resort. The asymmetrical steel and glass buildings were designed by architect Moshe Safdie. This is the first Maison store in southeast Asia. Its interior, with a nautical theme, was exclusively designed by American star architect Peter Marino. Elegant teak and chrome, plus sails for protection of the façade from sunlight, emphasize the maritime style of the light-filled pavilion. From the centre customers have access to the various departments, including a bookstore, gallery, sun deck and – for the first time ever – a “travel room”. Visitors can reach the Louis Vuitton Island via a walkway from the shore, via a tunnel from the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall or on a special boat from the store’s own jetty.

  • Source: Louis Vuitton
Neiman Marcus, Walnut Creek
Neiman Marcus, Walnut Creek
Ignaz M.Gorischek, Vice President, Store Development Neiman Marcus Properties Group (left) and Cliff Suen, Vice President Property Development

The American department store company Neiman Marcus opened its latest branch in Walnut Creek, California, in March 2012. The building’s transparent architecture, which makes it seem almost like a museum, offers a splendid view of the San Francisco region’s East Bay. This panorama also inspired the interior design. Incident daylight connects the store with the surrounding landscape in a way achieved by few other stores. Bright, warm colours, glass and metal enhance the feeling of transparency and openness in the sales area, which covers some 8,000 square metres. The Walnut Creek store also features 163 works of art that are permanently integrated in the interior. The most conspicuous objects are two kinetic sculptures by local artist Ned Kahn that cover whole sections of the façade, with vertical fins moving in the wind.

  • Source: Charlie Mayer (Chicago, Illinois)